Dr. Asingwire N, BA Mak, MA McM., PhD, Senior Lecturer and Head

The Department of Social Work and Social Administration offers training to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The undergraduate program leads to the award of two types of degrees;

A professional Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration B.SWSA degree, which putsemphasis on education for professional social service design, delivery, and systems change.

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences degree (BA.SS) which is offered jointly with otherDepartments in the School of social sciences and Arts.

At the Postgraduate level, two programes are offered;
Master of Arts in Social Sector Planning and Management (MA SSPM),
Master of Arts in Community-Based Rehabilitation (MA CBR).

Mission of the Department

The mission of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration is to produce Social Work practitioners who are development oriented and thoroughly grounded in skills and theories of social work practice, relevant to local and international standards. Specifically, the mission of the Department is twofold:

  1. To produce skilled manpower in social work and social administration that are competent in professional social service delivery and the industrial sector.
  2. To influence social policy development and practice in the country through research and information dissemination.
Staff Position

The current department's official academic staff establishment is 22 members on permanent terms;
Two (2) Professors
Three (3) Associate Professors
Five (5) Senior Lecturers
Eight (8) Lecturers
Four (4) Assistant Lecturers

Presently, the Department has 14 members of academic staff on permanent terms supported by 3 Teaching Assistants and 3 Part Time Lecturers. The support staff comprising of 2 secretaries, a Librarian, Driver and an Office Attendant assist the academic staff in running the Department.

Apart from staff on ground, the Department enlists the support of resource persons from the field who occasionally conduct seminars or handle particular units in various courses. In particular given the multi-disciplinary nature of the postgraduate programs, outside resource persons have been very instrumental in teaching and supervising students. The Department has also benefited greatly from the Fulbright Scholars from Universities in the USA since 1997 who have taught on both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Research and Institutional Capacity

The Departmenthas a strong research component for both students and academicstaff As a partial fulfilment for the award of Bachelor of SocialWork and Social Administration, each final student must completea research project based on fieldwork, and supervised by a member of staff .
Academicstaff either individually or collectively have in the last 10 yearsbeen involved in a number of research projects. The Departmentbetween 1995-2000, co-ordinated a regional project entitled "SocialPolicy Reform in Eastern and Southern Africa" funded by the InternationalDevelopment Research Centre (IDRC). Participating countries includedUganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The project, whichwas concluded in two phases, culminated into publication of researchresults. The Department is currently implementing two major research projects;
  1. Strengthening CBOs Through ICTs in Uganda, Funded by IDRC, and
  2. Implementation of the Pfizer- District Responsive Initiative (DRI) Study in Uganda, with UNICEF and UAC as executing agencies.

Individual members of Department have been involved in a number of international studies, teaming up with colleagues from outside Universities in Africa, Europe and North America. The areas of research which senior staff have been involved in include among others, HIV / AIDS, Water and Sanitation, Rural and Urban Poverty, Children and Youth etc. The department cherishes collaboration and partnership with staff in outside universities in areas of research.

Apart from research projects, Departmental staff members have worked for various agencies; government and non-government in consulting capacities. Thus, the Department contributes in various ways towards national growth and development. Indeed, some of the senior staff in the department have been appointed either on full time basis or part time basis to senior positions in government agencies/ministries.

Courses Taught

Both socialwork and social administration are taught to undergraduate andpostgraduate students. At the undergraduate level, social administrationis taught to students offering other social science courses, and students taking library science.

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