Social Work Practice in Africa. Indigenous and Innovative Approaches

TitleSocial Work Practice in Africa. Indigenous and Innovative Approaches
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTwikirize, J, Spitzer, H
ISBN Number978-9970-617-92-0

The importance of integrating indigenous knowledge systems into mainstream social work and ensuring context-specific, culturally relevant practice has long been emphasised in Africa and the Global South. This book, based on empirical research, presents a selection of indigenous and innovative models and approaches of problem solving that will inspire social work practice and education. At the core of these models lies a conceptual understanding of the community as the overarching principle for effective social work and social development in African contexts. The empirical part of the book has a focus on East Africa and highlights case examples from Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Kenya. The book is intended for use by those involved in social work and social development practice, social work educators, students, as well as policy makers. It is relevant not just for audiences in Africa but also the global social work community, especially those interestedin promoting culturally relevant social work.

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