Women teachers in Uganda: Voices from the field

TitleWomen teachers in Uganda: Voices from the field
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKlees, SJ, Jawoko, ENyivuru, Muwanga, N
Book TitleWomen Teachers in Africa Challenges and possibilities

The education of girls and women has become a focal point for national and international policy for the past five decades because of the substantial disadvantages girls and women have faced. This chapter focuses on one very serious problem in a number of countries: the disproportionate numbers of female teachers. It examines the barriers to the recruitment and retention of women secondary-school teachers in Uganda. The author uses teacher voices to give the reader a deeper understanding of how women teachers view their profession and their recommendations for what needs to be improved. The chapter then examines universal primary education (UPE), universal secondary education (USE), secondary-school teacher training, teacher scheme of service, teachers' code of conduct, gender and education statistics, improvement of the gender and education situation, and deterrents girls face to succeed in school.



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