3 Years

Admission Requirements

The following shall be eligible for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the School of social sciences.

  1. AnyMaster of Arts of the University of not less than two years'standing.
  2. ABachelor of Arts of the University of not less than threeyears' standing whom the Senate has specially exemptedfrom the Master's examinations.
  3. Agraduate of any other recognised University who has beenadmitted to the status of Master of Arts in the university,and who has held the qualification by virtue of which suchadmission has been granted for not less than two years;or who has been admitted to the status of bachelor of Artsin the University and has held the qualification by virtueof which such admission has been specially granted fornot less than three years and has been specially exemptedby the Senate from the Master's examination.

Ph.D courses are currently by research only.  However, a student may be required to undertake certain courses to fill knowledge gaps.  The Faculty in its Five-Year Strategic Plan (2001-2005) is planning to offer taught Ph.Ds, through which the candidate  will be required to pass written comprehensive examination before embarking on field research and thesis writing.

Application Procedure

Applicants should pick, fill in and return forms to the School of Postgraduate Studies (Floor 4 Senate House) together with either a research proposal or a synopsis of the intended study. Applicants who submit fully developed proposals may be fully admitted right away, while those with a synopsis may be offered provisional admission and one year in which to develop a proposal.  The applicant may be fully admitted after submitting the proposal.

Fees Payable: Same as for the Masters degrees


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The Head of Department under which your special interest/training falls.

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