Political Science and Public Administration

The department of Political Science and Public Administration is head by the Head of Department who over sees the day to day activities of the department. The current HOD is Dr. Paul Omach who is an Associate Professor of Political Science.

Political Science is taught by the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, which offers courses that prepare students for professional careers in Politics, Public Service, the Private Sector and Foreign Service. The discipline of Political Science is the science or study of politics and Government. At Makerere University, it is divided into three sub-fields, that is Politics, Public Administration and International Relations. The study of politics focuses on the formation of institutions and processes that make, execute and enforce the laws of society. It also focuses on activities of many individuals, groups and extra-government institutions that relate to or affect the Government in a significant way. Public Administration, on the other hand, as a field of study deals with (a) structures of public organizations dealing mainly with the way the executive organizations are formed, (b) processes of public administration indicating the dynamic aspects of organization, such as, communications, control and decision-making, and (c) behaviour of the bureaucracy with special emphasis on inter-personal and intergroup relations in organizational settings between public administration and its surrounding force and environment. International Relations as a sub-discipline of Political Science deals with the relations between nations and other actors in the international system. The economic, cultural and political relations between states are also the subject of study of International Relations, as is the operation of international organizations.

Students wishing to major in Political Science after Year one select their courses in accordance with the requirements of any of the following two options:

Option A Public Administration (PA)
Option B International Relations (IR).


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