School of History

Makerere University was founded in 1923 as Makerere College, to offer vocational and professional training as an addition to subjects offered at the technical school opened in 1922. Makerere was later granted University college status in 1949 under a scheme of special relationship with the University of London, and its name changed to Makerere College, the University college of East Africa. In 1950, it Started courses for the bachelor of Arts and bachelor of science degree programmes of the University of London in the faculties of arts and sciences.

The teaching of Social sciences at Makerere however, had its genesis in the compulsory first year course administration introduced in 1939, mainly designed to give them an insight into the social and economic setting in which they would practice their profession.As the Department of Social Studies which was part of Faculty of Arts, the Department of Social Studies taught Economics, Political Science and Sociology. Social science subjects were grouped under and taught with the faculty of arts. The department of social studies, divided into teaching sub units of economics, political science and sociology was a constituent unit of the faculty of Arts.

THE School of social sciences WAS CREATED IN 1963 (to coincide with the creation of the University of Eat Africa with Constituent Colleges at Makerere, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi) It included the departments of Economics, political science and public administration and sociology including the social work and Community Development Training Scheme). From 1963, however, the faculties of Arts and Social sciences continued to be administered under one Dean until the mid-1980’s when they were separated for ease of management.

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